The Solutions Fund

is a microgranting program designed to fund pilot projects that advance the Sustanable Developmet Goals (SDGs) around the world. Organizations, individuals, students, and community leaders are invited to apply on a quarterly basis for mentorship and funding from IDEAS to help make their projects possible. 


The Solutions Fund projects:

Making Solutions Happen

The Solutions Fund is for action projects only. Applications have a higher chance of success if they submit an application that meets the following criteria: 

● Solutions which address multiple Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets (some Solutions Fund Projects have addressed 12 of 17 SDGs)

● Solutions which address multiple community issues with one project or program

● Solutions which have plans to be scalable, replicable, or sustainable

● Solutions with outcomes/outputs which can be easily measured and reported on

In 2015, we piloted the Solutions Fund microgrant program by providing 5 grants to our African branches for funding small projects that could have big impacts if scaled. The resulting projects impressed us and the need for small scale funding inspired us to rise to the occasion by launching The Solutions Fund in January of 2017.

The Solutions Fund typically opens three times a year for project applicants. You can inquire about when the next global or local funding rounds open by emailing: