Our planet is in peril... 

...but it doesn't have to be. People all over the world are making the decision to take environmental-action and help one another instead of sitting on the sidelines. Most are everyday people who go on to accomplish extraordinary things when given the opportunity to develop, fund, and scale their ideas for a better world. 

We are on a mission to turn ideas into solutions that solve the environmental crisis. Our dream for the future is one where billions of people are lifted out of suffering to enjoy a better quality of life that is not at odds with nature and even enriches or heals the planet's precious ecosystems. If we are going to actually solve global issues like climate change, poverty, hunger, and species extinction, we must locally empower communities to solve their own humanitarian issues through environmental action.

  IDEAS Program,  The Hive Orlando , hosts an Umuganda action day to clean-up a local park of single-use plastic garbage (Lake Lorna Doone, 2018).  

IDEAS Program, The Hive Orlando, hosts an Umuganda action day to clean-up a local park of single-use plastic garbage (Lake Lorna Doone, 2018).  

IDEAS For Us (IDEAS) was founded as a student-led environmental-action club at the University of Central Florida in 2008. Since then, we have grown into a United Nations Accredited, 501c3 non-profit organization taking action to advance sustainability on campuses and in communities around the world.

Lead by IDEAS Fellow John Bosco Gakumba, a group of farmers raise a small scale solar panel system to irrigate crops for the entire village in times of drought. (Rwanda, 2018)

Our vision is for an advanced humanity, where all people thrive in harmony with nature and one another in peace.

Because no one organization can accomplish our vision alone, IDEAS is proud to be belong to numerous partnerships, professional networks, and United Nations Member Groups. We are always looking to grow our grassroots network to new campuses and communities around the world. Join Us.

Together, we can solve the environmental crisis but we need your help. We need your help to continue bringing down the barriers for collaboration and funding among individuals, governments, world religions, businesses, and grassroots partners. Please make a 100% tax-deductible donation today AND volunteer to join our movement of people around the world working to build a sustainable, inclusive future, with ideas for us all. 

  IDEAS Program,  Fleet Farming , celebrates filming with NBC Nightly News w/Lester Holt (Orlando, 2016)

IDEAS Program, Fleet Farming, celebrates filming with NBC Nightly News w/Lester Holt (Orlando, 2016)

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Our Values

Although IDEAS has branches all over the world, we were founded and remain headquartered
in the City Beautiful -- Orlando, Florida, USA. 

1030 West Kaley Ave.
Orlando, Florida, 32805
The United States of America