IDEAS CEO Invited to Vatican to attend Sustainable Development Event

This past weekend, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS) alongside
the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth convened for
the 2017 Vatican Youth Symposium in Vatican City. The theme of this
years Symposium was to contemplate the ways in which youth can
conceive and create progress that is “healthier, more human, more
social and more integral” according to Pope Francis.

These young leaders from around the globe congregated to exchange
ideas, experiences, local anecdotes, and best practices surrounding the
concepts of People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace & Partnerships as a
path for achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
These purported 5 P’s of Sustainable Development will be the target of
The Movement Newsletter.

Executive Director of IDEAS, Clayton Louis Ferrara, was invited to
attend the 2017 Vatican Youth Symposium and spoke on the role of the
IDEAS’ Solutions Fund in advancing sustainable development as “the
most sincere manifestation of think global and act local.” He also
reviewed the ways in which IDEAS furthers sustainable development
in its headquarters, Orlando, Florida and has aided the city in becoming
the most sustainable city in the Southeastern United States.

The Pope continued to urge for action on climate change on October
16 th , 2017, World Food Day. He emphasized the necessity of engaging
in action for climate change in order to work towards food security as
the two issues are deeply intertwined. Violent conflicts in combination
with climate related shocks have lead to the increase in hunger to 11
percent of the entire global population. Pope Francis underlined the
importance of worldwide government collaboration to preserve the
planet while simultaneously utilizing its remarkable resources for the
production and consumption of food.

Photo Credit: Website, SDSNYouth

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