Gotta love that feeling when you hear the beat of a favorite tune. Your senses are heightened, you begin groovin‘; simply soaking up the vibes from a familiar track. Well I’m not gonna lie, whenever the Energy Gang Podcast kicks off, that feeling takes over. But I must disclose, it’s not just the funky intro music that gets me stoked, it’s the accompanying insight that the Gang shares each week.

The Energy Gang

So who and what is the Energy Gang? No, not your familiar Top 40 Tracks, no, nothing you’re gonna twerk to, rather, the Energy Gang is an energy digest produced by Greentech Media. The show features engaging discussions between Greentech Media Senior Editor Stephen Lacy, energy policy expert Katherine Hamilton and energy futurist Jigar Shah. Whether they’re exploring the technology, market conditions, political forces, or bringing in subject matter experts on a particular energy sector, you can guarantee that the show will get you thinking differently about energy.


Some of my favorite episodes include:

  • How Much Have Utilities Changed Since Superstorm Sandy?
    • This podcast was featured a year and  half after Hurricane Sandy destroyed the East Coast electric grid, leaving more than 8 million people without power. The Gang brings on an energy executive to talk about how power companies are thinking differently about grid modernization and smart technology.

The Energy Gang

You can listen to the show at and access all the back episodes. Or go into your iTunes, SoundCloud or Stitcher, look up: The Energy Gang; and subscribe.


Happy Listening Folks. – JV