The toolkits below were written to help harness the power of your IDEAS and create solutions to a healthier and more sustainable future for generations to come.

Below you will find advice on organizing campaigns; researching and setting the right goals; and leveraging your power for campus and community change. Keep in mind, these are suggested formats of going about starting a new chapter, initiative or campaign.

Our advice is to be proactive about seeking guidance from community leaders, organizations and our successes as a movement. Creating a lasting change takes passion, courage, determination and dedication to the cause and purpose we’re all working towards. Help us by paving the way to a sustainable future and providing the link for interested students and issues effecting our local environments and surrounding communities.

  1. IDEAS For Us – Overview
  2. IDEAS Organizing Tool Kit
  3. New Chapter Constitution – example
  4. MOU – FAMU (Affiliate Chapter Agreement)
  5. MOU – TFI = Partnership Agreement
  6. IDEAS Documentation Toolkit
  7. writing_an_effective_letter_to_the_editor
  8. Photos Petitions Guide
  9. IDEAS Brochure (2010)
  10. IDEAS Kill-a-Watt Energy Challenge – Toolkit
  11. IDEAS Chapter Agreement – Binghampton
Keep a look out for more Resources to build your movement!

Renewable Energy Resources

  1. M E M O R A N D U M for Solar Dok
  2. Florida Clean Tech Report
  3. USGBC – roadmap-to-a-green-campus
  4. Market Research – Renewable Energy in Florida 
  5. Rnewable Energy Generation in the US
  6. DOE Energy Savers Booklet
Have Resources to share?? Feel free to send us your PDFs, Presentations and Research Reports to share them with the Network!Email us at: