IDEAS will participate in the upcoming Florida Renewable Energy Tour

2014 Tour

The Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy has just announced preliminary details for the 2014 Florida Renewable Energy Tour. Presenting partners include FREA and IDEAS; as well as tour partners MIA Green Conference & Expo and


Beginning in just 30 days from now, the tour will visit 6 cities in Florida throughout February and March.

The tour will kickoff on Friday, February 28th with a special featured panel discussion at the heart of the MIA Green Conference and Expo in Miami and a tour of the Broward Waste Management compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station and the Wheelabrator waste-to-energy facility and control room.

The tour will then travel to:
Orlando – Thursday, March 13th
Gainesville – Friday, March 14th
Tampa/Pinellas – Friday, March 21st
Tallahassee – Friday March 28th


The tour will feature visits to new and unique renewable energy installations throughout Florida and host discussions on broad energy policy as well as specific and current hot topics such as PPAs and net-metering reversal trends. Please join us for these important discussions featuring state and local legislators, business leaders, and policy and technology experts.


See what Florida has to offer and be part of changing it for the better. Renewable Energy creates jobs, economic growth and energy security. It is up to individual Floridians to make renewable energy a reality in Florida. Please join us for this tour.

Other site visits will include a solar integrated roofing system, a 1.1 MW solar canopy and parking garage, a community solar farm, an agricultural facility, residential solar and thermal systems, electric vehicle displays, commercial rooftop installations and more.

Site visit registration will be required. Site visit details will be released next week.


(Information courtesy of FARE, Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy)