Congratulations to all the water quality activists and environmental leaders from across the state of Florida for their tireless efforts to get the Water and Land Legacy Amendment on the ballot for November 2014! WE DID IT!!!

The Amendment will allocate less than one percent of Florida’s state budget (starting in with $648 million in 2015) to keeping the waters clean and protecting the beaches, springs, wildlife habitat and other natural areas for future generations!

According to the Florida Water and Land Legacy: “Volunteers across the state gathered A QUARTER OF A MILLION SIGNATURES to make this happen! They are the heros and heroines among us, putting their precious time and effort to giving ALL Floridians a say in protecting our most precious natural treasures. Clean water. Wildlife habitat. Beaches. Amazing places for people and wildlife to thrive. Now every Florida voter can be a hero by coming out on November 4, 2014 and voting to make this amendment the law of our land!”

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