— U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE)

 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Energy Star

— Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy (FARE)

United Nations  (UNEP, DESA)

(Global Campaign for Climate Action)

— Roosevelt Institute
(Campus Network: Energy & Environment)

U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce


The Earth Charter Initiative

USGBC (Center For Green Schools)

Aloha Movement Project (AMP)

Go 100% Renewable Energy

— Florida Wildlife Federation (FWF)

— POWERleap
Energy harvesting technologies

— Alliance to Save Energy (ASE)

— Terra Firma Institute

— Alliance for Climate Protection  Repower America

Peace Child International
(GEEBIZ GI Incubator + Mentor)

— Center for American Progress   Campus Progress

— Energy Action Coalition (EAC)

— Southern Energy Network (SEN)

— Dioko Energy (Solar & Biofuels)

— 350.org
(International Climate Change Awareness non-profit)

— Sterling Central (LEED Silver) Apartments

— Four Years. Go. (Int. Non-Profit)

— Get Outdoors Florida! Coalition

— CleanEdison.com

— Shake-A-Leg: MIAMI (SALM)

— OMG (One More Generation)

— Gas Free Earth (GFE)

— GREEN (Global Renewable Energy Education Network)

— Enerfusion

— Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions

— Green Tower Sustainability (GTS)

— WVLP 98.3FM – Sustainability 101 

Sahib Aquaponics

Young Professionals for Local Development (YPLD)

Youth With Vision Synergies

ReallyBigTires.com Sustainability Division