11111623_544164682388424_2727200593763451665_oIDEAS For Uganda from 18th-27th May 2015 was entered in the books of global young activists for climate change mitigation. Sinamakosa Isaac one of the IDEAS For Uganda leaders represented Ugandan Youth in a youth global conference in Tutzing, Munich Germany organized by Plant-for-the-planet where one hundred youth from Europe, Africa, USA, Latin America and Asia converged to discuss ideas on realizing the 2 degrees emission limit by all countries.

Among the topics discussed facilitated by many renown professors in Europe, USA and Asia include; Ecoclimatology, IPCC Scenarios on how to achieve the 2oC emission limit, connections between air quality and global warming, Global Energy revolution, Stability and law, Economical instruments for the reduction of emissions, How to ensure survival of the young generation-activities and campaigns, the future of development cooperation, Generational justice politics, Global governance for a viable sustainable world, concept of negotiation, Our world in 2050,Development of an ecological consciousness, and Drafting a youth Manifesto.

Renown professors and doctors like; Franz Josef Radermacher, Wolfgang Grundinger, Felix Ekardt, Mojib Latif, Gerhard Knies, Wolf Dieter Grossmann, Andreas Huber, Mathias Schranner among others engaged participants in a more intellectual discussion on topics above geared towards developing a sound Youth Manifesto demanding for action by global leaders against climate crisis. This youth Manifesto will be circulated to all government embassies in Berlin, Germany by May 28th 2015 who will hand them to the G7 Leaders to make a youths’ ideas inclusive discussion during the G7 Summits in Germany and Paris-France in September and December 2015 respectively.


It is my pleasure for IDEAS For Uganda’s participation in this noble conference which has come up with a manifesto that will send a hard message to the global leaders about climate crisis. My signature appearing on the list of concerned youth about the future generation is another crucial landmark. This manifesto will be shared with most media organizations around the world for its popularization to the global citizens.

Sinamakosa Isaac
IDEAS For Uganda