THEME: ‘’Raise your Voice, Not the Sea Level’’
Date: 14th June 2014

Raise your voice and not the sea level was the message from young people marking the World Environment Day at the Nairobi National Museums. Young people gathered for WED 2014 celebrations geared towards protecting and conserving water catchments areas, wetlands and most importantly the small islands. This event was done by Zetech college, in partnership with National Museums of Kenya, TICAH, ABCIC, Multilink, IDEAS for Kenya, Kenyatta University, University of Nairobi, Moi University and local media houses.

Students from different schools recited poems, presented songs, plays and exhibits that dealt with conservation. A collaboration of University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University captured the theme of the day, raise your voice not the sea level in their skit. This play depicted an ignorant today’s people who care less for the environment by cutting trees, dumping of garbage all over and as global warming continues, rising temperatures, change in weather patterns, heat waves, floods result to death, destruction of properties due to rise in sea level. And yes, indeed ignorance is no defense.
The tip of the iceberg was the King and Queen of Environment 2014 presented by Zetech college. Young beautiful and handsome men competed for the ultimate title which has become the face of conservation among young people in Kenya today. This session was graced with immaculate cat walk and well done designs. Office, casual, evening, African and creative designs showed that the models were having a good time. The most interesting being the creative designs showed how conservation could go hand in hand.

Designs made from polythene bags, newspapers, old calendars and old CDs amazed the audience from the thunderous applause. Lilian Mugo, current Miss Moi University carried the day as the Queen of Environment 2014 as Brian from Zetech College sailed as the new King of Environment 2014.

Stay tuned for more stories as King and Queen of Environment 2014 start school tours in mentoring other young people on environmental sustainability, Tree planting and conservation projects.

– Grace Mercy
IDEAS for Kenya