Last week, the Department of Sustainability & Energy (SEM) and UCF Foundation recently implemented the 1st Solar Powered Umbrellas at UCF!! 

Yes, you guessed it! This umbrella provides students, faculty and staff with emission-free electricity for appliances and electronics — such as laptops, cell phone chargers and cameras — 24 hours of the day! The “SolarDok” includes:

  • (4) monocrystaline PV panels for a total of 235 watts
  • (4) 110 VAC GFCI power outlets
  • (2) USB Type A Power Outlets
  • (2) 700 Lumen High intensity Low Power LED lighting system operated with push button and timer for machine use at night
  • Adjustable angular settings for the umbrella to maximize exposure to the solar panels for peak seasonal efficiency
  • True “off-grid” GREEN power; and Battery bank for energy storage and usage for uninterrupted power consumption even during the evening hours.

IDEAS is also working to implement these at our different chapters and have created a partnership with Enerfusion, the company who built and installed the SolarDok’s.

For those interested in installing a SolarDok on your campus, email us and we’ll point you in the right direction!