Thousands of students in the IDEAS Movement, from over three dozen schools, colleges and universities around the world, are heading back to school this week. We at IDEAS want to wish you a safe, happy, healthy and productive start to your semester. May you all be the change you wish to see in the world!

Here is a look at the perfect sustainable school day to get you started this year. How many of you out there wish your first day back was like this?!

1) Pull up to Class with Eco-Class: No one will hear you arrive late for the first day because your Nissan LEAF is COMPLETELY Silent! This all-electric four passenger car is the coolest in affordable electric vehicle. The name LEAF stands for (Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable, Family car). Definitely gets us charged up. Check out the All-Electric Owners Blog! 

2) Beat the Heat and Save Some Green: This summer is the hottest summer in recorded human history. So please be sure to stay hydrated in between classes with 
BPA-Free Water Bottles.
While your classmates are spending hundreds a year to contribute to our dependency of fossil fuels by using one time use plastic bottles, you can make a mental map of water fountains and beat the heat and save a lot of time and money. Learn More