Our Board of Directors

Chris Castro
Chris CastroPresident & Founder
Justin Vandenbroeck
Justin VandenbroeckVice President
Penelope Canan
Penelope CananBoard Member
Josephine Balzac
Josephine BalzacBoard Member
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We're building a movement to turn IDEAS into Solutions that solve the environmental crisis,

by providing people of all ages with the opportunity to address the issues they find most pressing.
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Our Executive Staff

Clayton Ferrara
Clayton FerraraExecutive Director
Ricardo Williams
Ricardo WilliamsChief Media Officer
Tyler Shears
Tyler ShearsChief Technology Officer
Christopher Stampar
Christopher StamparInternational Director
Nick Stampar
Nick StamparUnited Nations Director
Emmanuel Marfo
Emmanuel MarfoAfrica Regional Director
Karine Guilbert
Karine GuilbertVideo Dept Director
Ryan Harrigan
Ryan HarriganWeb Developer

Our Programme Coordinators

Michelle Bumbier
Michelle BumbierProgram Coordinator, Fleet Farming
Viktor El-Saieh
Viktor El-SaiehProgram Coordinator, 10,000 Trees JAX
Jacob Robison
Jacob RobisonProgram Coordinator, Bikeport Co-Op
Sharon Hammond
Sharon HammondProgram Coordinator, The Hive
Bonnie Sorensen
Bonnie SorensenProgram Coordinator, IDEAS For Jobs