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Energy is the scaffolding of our modern world. We have produced over 10 different energy-related solutions that have sequestered over 1,700 tonnes of carbon, saved over 1.7 million Kilowatts and $187,000 U.S dollars.

Our Energy Solutions

Rural Solar Electrification in Uganda, LED Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency, Kill-A-Watt Crackdown at UCF, Partnership Against Climate Change with The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency, & Energy Access Talks from Africa to Sri Lanka and all over the U.S.


Water is life. Yet, in the last 30 years 75% of our global freshwater biodiversity has become extinct. We work to stop unregulated pollution, dumping, fertilizer runoff, & educate others to become water defenders of the earth.

Our Water Solutions

Aquatic Planting Day, Permaculture Wetland Gardens, Anti-Fertilizer Campaigns, Rain Barrel Distribution, Hygiene and Sanitation Campaigns, Water Defenders Workshops


Food is fundamental for sustaining life, shaping our culture and social relations. We help to localize our food production, farm all the available land, and limit the intrusion of chemical fertilizers into our environment.

Our Food Solutions

Fleet Farming, Healthy Eating Initiatives, Aquaponic & Vermiponiq Food Systems, Edible Landscaping, Habitat Gardens, & Invasive Exotic Removal


Waste is not a dirty word – it is a natural process of life - a process that humans have thrown out of balance. We work to reduced, repurpose, recycle and up-cycle waste on campuses and in communities around the world.

Our Waste Solutions

Compost Initiatives, Tail-Gate Recycling, Up-cycled Fashion, Habitat Clean-Up’s, Anti-Styrophone & Plastic Bag Campaigns


We are part of the ecosystem. Our ecology projects focus on global issues such as human rights, conservation, gender and income inequality, habitat restoration, and global health are all part of the environmental movement.

Our Ecology Solutions

Ecosystem Restorations, Biodiversity Buildout, Habitat Clean Ups / gardens, Tree Planting Days, Invasive Species Removal, Backyard Biodiversity Programs, Trash Removals, & Urban Conservation Projects


The IDEAS Movement seeks to advance sustainability across communities around the world by educating, engaging, and empowering multi-generational groups of citizens through awareness initiatives and action projects.

Our Vision

We help to identify how global issues related to energy, water, food, waste and ecology are affecting communities and then develop local solutions to address these global challenges through a grassroots movement.


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