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Vote Yes on 1 – Promo Video by IDEAS For Us

Florida’s Water & Land Conservation amendment dedicates funding to protect clean water & natural areas for future generations – without raising taxes. Social media is one of the best ways to get involved. Share […]

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“IDEAS For UCF” Host First Ever Garden Party

Ever wanted a garden? Your own crops? Your own flowers? Well now you can! In a new initiative this year, IDEAS For UCF has planned to go to one willing participant’s home and develop […]

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Who Supports Amendment One in Florida?

Watch this video and learn a little more about who’s supporting Amendment 1 in the state of Florida. Amendment 1 is a once in a lifetime opportunity to protect our drinking water supplies, water […]

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Butts Up Boulder Campaign

I came to Boulder in 2012, to work and help grow the City’s sustainable infrastructure. One big, little issue to me was cigarette butts. I noticed them on the sidewalks, in the storm drains, […]